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Monday, April 24, 2006

EXclusive Bridal Studio

15-April 2006

Its my day off after my nite duty...i and my fiance' planned to go to johor bahru to jalan2.... We reached there ard 12.40nn....i never thought we will be there dat early....after reaching near the City Square...we decided to go to Plaza Angsana...the first destination i went is by going to the Pizza Hut and enjoy eating our lunch over there....emmm my fiance' reali luv to eat at the place... its the second time we hangout over there....after making sure dat our tummy is very, very bloated.....we went to the Exclusive Bridal Studio....Actuali i only wan to see2 and look2 at the bridal studio as my cousin ever went there to take her bridal pix and they turn out to be very attractive esp the designs of the clothings....At first i and my fiance' never thought dat we will book it too coz we already have 2 bridal studio photo-taking for next year....I dont noe why but after see2 we "Jatuh-cinta" with the clothings and we decided to take the bridal studio...We planned to take it before our big day....actuali my fiance' wans to take the outdoor shoot also which is schedule to be done in the johor bahru area too but im stil tinking whether to take it or not....coz we can stil change our package before the actual day of the photo-shooting....The price is only not sure but i still need to tink it over and over again....


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